Working Parents

Maternity, paternity, parental leave: these are just a few of the things you need to prepare for to promote an excellent work / life balance.

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Matt says...

As a business your overhead costs are kept down and there is a positive environmental impact as typically no commuting is undertaken.

Home working on a regular and permanent basis may at first seem a good thing.

It’s important though to really nail down what equipment, support and other costs you are going to provide from the off. The cost of a computer, printer, phone line, remote IT support, desk, chair etc. will soon mount up and may make the request prohibitively expensive.

Your employee may also be unaware that, for example, the provision of a broadband connection is a taxable benefit or their home insurance requires an additional premium to be paid. Some mortgage and rental agreements expressly forbid home working.

As always a clear and managed process will ensure no one gets any nasty surprises once an agreement to home work has been reached.


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